Career Development Resources

The Career Development committee implements activities that assist SWS members in professional development.

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Winter and Summer Meetings

At the winter and summer meetings, our committee sponsors various panels and workshops on career development issues. Below are handouts and notes from these workshops (authorship is indicated on each document):

Demystifying the Edited Collection by Julie Shayne – Winter Meeting 2013 (Tamaya, Santa Ana Pueblo, New Mexico)

Applied Careers in Sociology by Trina Smith ~ Winter Meetings 2011 (San Antonio)

Mentoring 101 by Tamara Smith, SUNY Albany ~ Summer Meetings 2005 (Philadelphia)

The Basics of CV Writing ~ Summer Meetings 2004 (San Francisco)
CV Template

Navigating the Job Market ~ Summer Meetings 2003 (Atlanta)

Preparing for Job Interviews ~ Summer Meetings 2004 (San Francisco)

Turning Your Dissertation into a Book: A Handy Guide ~ Summer meetings 2006
From First-time Authors, Julie Shayne (The Revolution Question, Rutgers University Press), Meika Loe (The Rise of Viagra, NYU Press), Jennifer Reich (Fixing Families,Routledge), Laura Carpenter (Virginity Lost, NYU Press), Patricia Richards (Pobladoras,Indigenas, and the State, Rutgers University Press)

External Funding Workshop ~ Winter Meetings 2005 (Miami)


Strategies for Getting Tenure ~ Summer Meetings 2003 (Atlanta)

Preparing for Tenure by Joan Spade, SUNY Brockport ~ Winter Meetings 2006 (Puerto Rico)

The Sister to Sister Committee also offers tenure advice for women of color (2011 .pdf is linked on their page).


Other Career Resources and Comments

Unemployed sociologist? You are eligible for unemployment benefits! Read Kristen M. Wallingford’s 10-13-04 posting to the SWS listserv and check out her included web links: Ethnography of an Unemployed PhD.



Chair (Winter 2011 – Winter 2013): Sara Crawley