Call for UN Representatives

Call for SWS UN Representatives to the Department of Public Information (DPI)

The International Committee is seeking SWS members to fill one opening as representatives to the Department of Public Information (DPI). We encourage members interested in active engagement with the UN process and enthusiasm for building SWS’s participation in the UN to consider becoming a representative.  Requirements for serving include:

  • One year prior membership in the International Committee
  • A three-year commitment to serve as main representative or alternative representative
  • Willingness to fulfill responsibilities and duties as follows:
  1. Report to International Committee meetings on DPI activities
  2. Prepare annual report for Network News on DPI activities
  3. Participate in some DPI activities, if feasible and if support can be secured.
  4. Relay pertinent UN communications to SWS newsletter, listserv and meetings

Current SWS UN DPI main representative is Diana Papademas and alternative representative is Vania Brightman Cox. The International Committee will review applications for the two open positions at the SWS Winter Meeting in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

If you are interested in applying, please send your contact information and a paragraph explaining your interest to Minjeong Kim,, by December 2012.

Please see below for more information on SWS representative activities in DPI (excerpt from the manual).

For more information on the Department of Public Information, please visit the website