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The International Committee promotes global social justice for women and girls through United Nations advocacy, partnerships with global feminist scholars and activists, participation in international conferences, and the promotion of women's human rights. We encourage global and transnational gender scholarship through visits from international scholars and panels on international issues. Our work takes place through four subcommittees (detailed below) that are open to all SWS members.

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Actions & Activites

United Nations Participation

SWS gained official status at the United Nations following the 1995 UN Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing, China. We have accreditation with the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and the Department of Public Information (DPI). We participate in UN conferences as NGO observers and typically send a delegation to the annual UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW). We sponsor a CSW panel on gender scholarship featuring SWS members that draws a diverse international audience of women. We participate in NGO advocacy at the UN, submitting statements that become official UN documents and partnering with other NGOs in the US Women’s Caucus at the UN.

For more information, please contact the co-chairs of the UN subcommittees:

Hara Bastas ( (ECOSOC)

Jennifer Rogers-Brown ( (DPI)


Current SWS representatives to ECOSOC:

Hara Bastas (lead delegate)

Lyndi Hewitt

Kristy Kelly

Solange Simoes

Vicky Demos


Current SWS representatives to DPI:

Jennifer Rogers-Brown (lead delegate)

Diane Papademas

Heather Hurwitz

Luis Tenorio

Dominique Johnson


See the current members and join the International Committee if you are interested in participating in UN activities. See current call for SWS UN Representatives to the Department of Public Information at the right of this page.


GFPP (Global Feminist Partnership Program)

SWS has established collaborations and friendships with feminist scholarly and activist centers across the world. Our global partners share their work with us through Network News and visits to our Winter Meeting where we meet face to face to exchange views on global gender justice. We have had partnerships with centers in China, India, Korea, Nepal, Italy, Hungary, Sierra Leone, Brazil, Columbia, and Peru. SWS members serve as liaisons to our partners to facilitate scholarly and feminist rapport. Applications for new partnerships are always welcome. We hope to build ongoing connections with centers from each of the following regions: Asia, Africa, Central/Eastern Europe, Latin American/Caribbean and the Middle East.


The Partnership Program reflects the commitment of SWS to foster activism and advocacy for and by women, support research on gender issues, and increase organizational inclusiveness.


For more information, please contact the chair of the Global Feminist Partnership Program, Yun Ling Li (

See the current Global Feminist Partners and please contact us if you are interested in working with any of them.


International Sociology Association: Research Committee 32: Women in Society(RC32)

SWS encourages participation by members in international meetings and sponsors panels, workshops, and receptions as appropriate. We have taken part in the International Sociology Association (ISA) Research Committee 32 (Women and Society), the Women’s World Congresses (WWC), the World Social Forum, and the US Social Forum. We encourage all SWS members to attend the XIX ISA World Congress of Sociology in Toronto, July 2018, where SWS member Margaret Abraham, current president of ISA, will preside.


For more information, please contact the subcommittee chairs:

Marcia Texler Segal ( (ISA)

Judith Lorber ( ) (WWC)

More information on International Sociological Association at

More information on RC 32 at



SWS promotes US ratification of the international women’s treaty, the Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), the main international instrument protecting the human rights of women and girls. CEDAW was passed by the UN in 1980 and virtually all UN member states have joined, with the glaring exception of the United States. This subcommittee raises awareness of CEDAW among SWS members, takes action to support US ratification, and supports participation in the Cities for CEDAW movement in which cities commit to observe the treaty.


For more information, please contact the subcommittee co-chairs:

Vicky Demos (

Solange Simoes (



Statement submitted CSW 61/ E/CN.6/2017/NGO/14
Sustainable development

Statement submitted CSW 60/Sust2016, E/CN.6/2016/NGO/5

Sustainable Development Goals Priorities

Statement submitted CSW 59/2015. E/CN.6/2015/NGO/132.

Violence Against Women and Girls

Statement submitted CSW 58/2014, E/CN.6/2014/NGO/127
Post-2015 Agenda

Statement submitted CSW 57/2013, E/CN.6/2013/NGO/48
Violence Against Women

Statement submitted to CSW 56 / 2012/ CN.6/2012/NGO/54

Women 2000: gender equality, development and peace for the twenty-first century

Statement submitted to CSW 55/2011, E/CN.6/2011/NGO/20

Education/School fees

Statement submitted to CSW 54/2010, E/CN.6/2010/NGO/31

Violence Against Women


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Contact Information


Susan Lee:


Susan Lee has been a member of the International Committee since 2002 and chair since 2014. She specializes in gender and development with interests in rural women, Cambodia, widows, women in Buddhism, human rights, and women’s political leadership. She is a Master Lecturer in Social Sciences at Boston University and a priest in the Episcopal Church. She serves as Rector of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, Fall River, Massachusetts. Susan has two sons and lives in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

Please join the International Committee if you are interested in participating. 


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