SWS offers two annual conferences, the Winter and Summer meetings. Not only are these a great chance to network and connect with other feminist scholars but the meetings offer colloquia on topics ranging from activism, globalization, teaching and disaster and reconstruction. Put the next meeting on your calendar and join us!

The Hand Program

The Hand Program connects newer SWS members to more established members to have coffee or a meal during meetings. If you find professional meetings to be intimidating experiences filled with unfamiliar faces, the Hand Program can make meetings more welcoming.

SWS Winter Meeting Reimbursement Program

The Winter Meeting Reimbursement Program is intended to enable members who would not otherwise be able to attend the Winter Meetings to do so. Members are asked to please seek alternative sources of funding before applying for SWS reimbursement.

SWS will reimburse as follows MEMBERS, regardless of student or employment status, who participate in the Winter Business Meeting. Costs over an amount of your “cost share,” determined according to income, are reimbursable up to a maximum of $300. Officers and committee chairs have a $500 maximum.

Income Level Cost Share
0-25K $50
26K-35K $75
36K-45K $100
46K-55K $150
56K-65K $200
Over 65K $250

SWS Reimbursement = Total of Attached Receipts- Cost Share. 

The reimbursement check will be written for the total difference up to $300.00/$500.00 (depending on position within SWS).

For example, an SWS general member who falls into the 0-25K income bracket, and had a total of $500.00 in the attached receipts would perform the following to find out her/his reimbursement amount: $500.00 (total receipts)-$50.00 (cost share)= $450.00. Since the total exeeds the maximum, this member would receive a check for $300.00.

If this same member had a total of $300.00 in attached receipts, she or he would perform the following: $300.00-$50.00= $250.00. This member would receive a check for $250.00.

Reimbursable Items Include:

  • Flights
  • Taxi to/from airport
  • Airport Parking
  • Baggage costs
  • Mileage if driving to event (reimbursed at federal mileage reimbursement rate)
  • Hotel accommodations


Non-Reimbursable Items Include:

  • Registration
  • Food
  • Taxi around town


To request reimbursement, please plan to submit receipts along with the form distributed at the Winter Business Meeting.