Messages From President Elect

Message From Fall 2017

Dear SWS Members:

I hope everyone is doing well and is enjoying a pleasant end to the summer. It feels like a quick turnaround, but now that the summer meetings have concluded it is already time to start thinking about winter! To that end, I have some exciting updates I’d like to share with you.

As you already know, the 2018 meetings will be held in Atlanta, Georgia at the Ritz-Carlton, Bulkhead from January 25-28, 2018.  I mentioned in an earlier update that my goal was to offer members a “Ritz experience” at reasonable prices. I’m really excited now to say that I think our Ritz experience will not just include reasonable prices, but great sessions, workshops, and panels that will get us thinking, fired up, and ready to put our feminist work to important use.

The theme I’ve chosen for the meetings is “They Persisted: Feminism, Work, Activism, Resistance.” One of my goals with SWS is to use this opportunity as President to focus discussion on how we can marshal our tremendous resources in ways that speak to the multiple challenges presently facing women and/or those who support gender equality. In this current era, feminist scholarship and activism is absolutely critical. I want to use our meetings to foster explicit, frank dialogues about the perils we face at this present moment. But more importantly, I want to highlight how, as feminists, what we say, do, write, and teach is uniquely positioned to help undergird and channel the resistance to regressive policies and practices that are hostile to our shared mission of creating a more gender equitable society.

To that end, please submit proposals for sessions, workshops, and roundtable presentations! We will begin accepting submissions on September 10 and the portal will close on October 17No submissions will be accepted after that date. I am confident that this will be yet another invigorating, exciting SWS Winter Meeting, but it will only be so with the participation of our amazing membership. So please do send in submissions for the program, especially (but not exclusively) those that relate to the program theme. If you have any questions about the submission process, please contact Barret Katuna, our Executive Officer, at Soon, Barret will send out an email with more information on how to submit your proposals via a Google Form.

This is an incredible organization and I am both proud and humbled to serve as its next President. I look forward to seeing you all in Atlanta.


Adia Harvey Wingfield

President-Elect, Sociologists for Women in Society


Message From Spring 2017


Greetings! I am excited to send out my first announcement as President-Elect, and more than thrilled to share some early news about the Winter 2018 meetings. After some deliberation, a hectic but productive site visit, and several rounds of negotiations, I am pleased to announce that the 2018 meetings will be held Jan 26-28 in Atlanta, GA.

Those of you who know me will not be surprised by this choice. I went to college in Atlanta and then returned to work at Georgia State University from 2006-2015, and consider the city to be my adopted hometown. But I didn’t select Atlanta for nostalgia’s sake. I genuinely feel that it will be a fun, interesting, attractive destination for SWS-ers. The city is home to world class art, history, and Civil Rights museums, a thriving nightlife, and numerous feminist and women-owned businesses. Plus, it’s easy to access from many locations (Hartsfield is still the world’s busiest airport), and should hopefully have comfortable temperatures even in late January. And hopefully the fallout from the I-85 highway collapse will be a distant memory by next year!

We’ve contracted with the Buckhead Ritz Carlton to host our meetings. If you attended the 2016 Southern Sociological Society meetings, this is the very same hotel. My goal was to offer members a Ritz experience at reasonable prices, and luckily, the hotel was very accommodating! So look forward to room discounts for graduate students, reduced prices for on-site parking, and affordable room rates, on top of Ritz amenities like the indoor pool, fitness center, hot tub, and more. The Buckhead area also boasts a range of shopping and dining options, from Lenox Mall across the street from the hotel to Maggiano’s a few blocks up the street.

I’m optimistic that this will be another great SWS meeting. I hope to see most of you in the Peach State next year!

Adia Harvey Wingfield

SWS President-Elect