SWS Procedure for Nominations

The Nominations Committee will adhere to the following procedures, as closely as possible, in order to ensure that all SWS members are involved in the nominations process and to increase the role of committee chairs in identifying those members who have been most active in the organization are not overlooked in the process.

  • Through listserv e-mailing and announcements in the summer issue of Network news and at the Summer Meetings, the Nominations Committee will solicit nominations and self-nominations for the elected positions as indicated above. Descriptions of the responsibilities for each position will be listed on the SWS web page and the link to that page will be provided on all communications to the membership. In addition to the name and affiliation of the nominee, the nomination should include a brief description of why this person would be a good nominee for the particular position or in cases of self-nomination, why they would like to serve in this particular capacity. Ideally, we would like those who have nominations for the committee to have contacted the nominee to see if they would be interested in running for the position.
  • The Committee will ask the former Chair of the Nominations Committee to share the list of nominees generated through the previous year ‘ s process, for consideration for this year ‘s list of nominees.
  • The Committee will also solicit recommendations from former and current committee chairs.
  • The Committee will review committee membership lists to identify active members who would make appropriate nominees. [Note: The long term goal will be to have this information gathered by the Executive Office and updated each year.]
  • The Committee will solicit nominees from co-chairs of the Sister-to-Sister Committee, Mentors and those who have volunteered for the Hand Program.
  • If possible, the Committee will review the membership form to identify members who have expressed interest in participating on different committees. [Note: The long term goal will be to have this information collected on the membership forms. For example, the membership form could include some questions on the membership form/renewal form, asking each person what committees they have served on in the past, and what committees they might be interested in serving on for the next year.]
  • Nominations Committee Chair will collate the names of nominees that have been gathered through the above strategies and circulate the list among Committee members.
  • Nominations Committee members will be asked to rank the nominees for each position.
  • The Chair will collate the rankings and circulate among Committee members.
  • The Committee will ” meet ” via email or teleconference and discuss the rankings with the goal of identifying a short list of candidates.
  • Once a short list of nominees have been identified by the Committee, the nominee will be asked to confirm their willingness to run for the position and provide the following information: year of first membership in SWS, previous elected positions in SWS, participation in SWS committees, and attendance at Winter and Summer meetings. [Note: The Committee will consider the number of candidates to include on the ballot. Traditionally they have been either one or two names per position. The Committee should discuss whether or not to increase the number of candidates for each position when appropriate.]
  • Before contacting potential candidates for SWS electoral office, members of the Nominations Committee will become familiar with the responsibilities of the office and encourage the potential candidate to contact members who have served in this position so that they can learn more about what the position they are asked to run for.
  • Once the nominees have been contacted and the information is gathered for each candidate, the ballot will be generated by the Executive Office and distributed to members for the annual vote.